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Organisation and staff

The Erica Foundtion is largely funded through central governmental and financial support from the county council of Stockholm. The chairman of the board is elected by the government. A director runs the Foundation and reports to the board.

At the Erica Foundation there are two child and adolescent psychiatrists, one acting as the medical director, the other being responsible for the day treatment unit. Other staff members within the clinical division are three qualified psychiatric social workers and nine clinical psychologists, all of whom work parttime. All are licenced psychotherapists, and/or psychoanalysts, and the majority are qualified supervisors. Those who are involved in the training programmes also participate regularly in clinical work. In addition to the regular staff, there are about 30 teachers and supervisors who are associated with different parts of the Foundation´s courses.

The day treatment unit has two special education teachers and two pre-school teachers who attend the Foundation´s program of training for pre-school teachers.

The administrative staff consists of seven employees who take care of the office and the executive duties, and three who run the kitchen and handle general maintenance. Most of these are part-time positions.


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