Research in psychodynamic child and

adolescent psychotherapy


How to do research and how to

implement the results in clinical praxis?

  Workshop at the Erica Foundation 17th to 19th October 2008



Outcome Research:

Approaches to Measuring Change in Child Psychotherapy

Professor & Director of Clinical Training

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology



Studying Change Processes in Psychodynamic

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Stephen R. Shirk, Ph.D.

University of Denver


How and what can we learn

from the patients?

Charlotte Jarvis


Children´s experiences of child psychotherapy

Agneta Thorén

PhD, clinical psychologist,

child psychotherapist

The Erica Foundation


How do we and can we

stimulate clinically based research?

Michael Rustin



Examples from

the Erica Foundation

Gunnar Carlberg

How are research findings

implemented in clinical praxis?

Bridging the gap

Cathy Urwin


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