Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

Invitation to the first ever Adult Attachment Interview Training Workshop in Stockholm, at the Erica Foundation, Sweden, Nov 9-20, 2020.

The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) developed by Mary Main and colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley, investigates an individual’s current mental representations of attachment-related experiences from childhood. Adult Attachment Interview Institutes last ten days, and usually held Monday through Friday of two weeks in succession. One transcript is assigned over the weekend, hopefully leaving you time to take one day off.

The AAI institute is intensive, and involves analysis of about 7 or 8 AAI transcripts in succession. Meetings take place about 6 hours a day (though sometimes considerably more time is needed to discuss a particular case). Their central purpose is to discuss scoring and classification of the transcript assigned for the previous night, which will also take you at least 6 hours to prepare. In addition to the group meeting, we will be available to see individuals or small groups another hour each day.

The cost for institute is USD 2600, which includes training, training materials, coffee and fruit during the two weeks as well as reliability testing and associated materials.

The maximum number of participants is 20. Fill out the application form to declare your interest to participate in the institute. Please send it to as soon as possible but no later than September 1 with a nonrefundable deposit of USD 500 to reserve your seat and to receive the AAI protocol via postal mail and other materials via email.

Feel free to copy and distribute this letter to your colleagues.

If less than 14 participants have registered on the 1st of September, 2020, the training will be cancelled and deposit fees returned to registered participants.

Note: An application has been submitted to the Swedish Psychological Association for accreditation as an advanced course that gives up to 15 credits/hp.

Best regards from the trainers:

Pehr Granqvist, PhD
Professor Developmental psychology
Stockholm University
Tel. + 46 73 616 26 12

Tord Ivarsson, PhD, MD, licensed psychotherapist
Docent, Göteborgs universitet
Forsker I, RKBU, NTNU