About the Erica Foundation

The Erica Foundation (in Swedish Ericastiftelsen) is a non-profit foundation founded in 1934. Since then we have been working tirelessly to strengthen the ability of children and adolescents to live a dignified life.

The Erica Foundation’s focus is to help children through therapy, parental support and education and training of therapists in children’s therapy. We spread research and spread awareness about children’s mental health.

Our unique point of view is that we offer treatment, college education and research – all in the same house.

Children and adolescents who come to us have different kinds of difficulties. Most likely, they have suffered from different kinds of trauma. They want to meet someone who listens, someone who is trying to understand. In our work the meeting is in focus. We want to highlight the perspectives of children, adolescents, and parents. Research and evaluation help us to develop new methods and therapies. As a student with us you get solid knowledge close to reality.

08-402 17 60

Telefontider för mottagningen:

Måndag  11:00 – 11:45,  0-18 år
Tisdag  13:00 – 13:45,  0-18 år
Onsdag  11:00 – 11:45,  15-24 år
Fredag  13:00 – 13:45,  0-18 år

Obs! För tillfället har vi framför allt möjlighet att ge konsultativt stöd via telefon och har begränsade möjligheter att ta  emot nya patienter.